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Level II, Brain Injury, Related Conditions, Mental Illness
Sep 13, 2019
The April 10, 2018 FAQ “Are individuals with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) subject to PASRR?” confirms that all individuals applying to a Medicaid-certified nursing facility (NF), regardles
Level II, Federal Regulations, Intellectual Disability
Jun 2, 2018
According to 42 CFR 483.102(b)(3), an individual has an intellectual disability if he or she has:
Apr 27, 2018
A Level II evaluation may be halted if the person has a diagnosis solely of dementia, or a diagnosis of dementia in combination with a non-PASRR disability. However, a Level II evaluation should not be halted if a PASRR disability has not yet been ruled out.
Mental Illness
Apr 27, 2018
According to 42 CFR 483.102(b), a disorder qualifies as a mental illness (MI) for PASRR purposes if it satisfies three major criteria:
Dementia, Mental Illness
Jul 26, 2017
The dementia exclusion for mental illness allows for the Level II evaluator to stop the evaluation if they determine that the diagnosis of dementia is primary and the mental illness (MI) diagnosis is secondary.  It is important to note that the diagnosis or verification of a diagnosis of MI and...
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