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January 27, 2018

What PASRR-related activities cannot be claimed at the enhanced 75% match?

To understand what PASRR activities cannot be claimed at the 75% Federal Financial Participation (FFP) match, one must first be clear on what activities are eligible for FFP. The FAQ entitled “What PASRR-related activities can states claim at the enhanced 75% match?” and the PTAC webinar of July 9, 2013 provide this guidance.

Any activity that cannot be clearly tied to the administration of PASRSR cannot be claimed at the enhanced 75% match. Examples include, but are not limited to:
• Any activities once a Level I screening finds that the person is not suspected of having a PASRR related condition.
• The provision of clinical services, including all Specialized Services.
• Case management for evaluated individuals, such as monitoring and/or coordinating services for individuals over time.
• Evaluation activities for individuals to whom PASRR (Level II) does not apply because the individual being admitted to or living in the nursing facility (NF) does not have an intellectual disability, a mental illness, or a related condition as defined by PASRR. Note that if it is discovered during the PASRR evaluation itself that the person does not have a PASRR-eligible disability. In a situation like this, it is appropriate to claim the enhanced rate for the Level II evaluation that “ruled out” a PASRR condition, but not subsequent evaluation activities.
• Diversion planning for an individual who is denied admission to a NF (e.g., working to identify an appropriate Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver or state-only program).

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