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January 26, 2018

Who can complete a Level I screen?

Federal regulations governing PASRR do not specify restrictions on who can conduct Level I screens.

Each State’s Medicaid Agency designates who may perform Level I screens, and is ultimately responsible for providing oversight for this process. A State Medicaid Agency may allow Level I screens to be performed by the state mental health authority, the state intellectual disability authority, contracting entities, or other entities involved in the PASRR process (such as hospital discharge planners, community health planners, nursing facility staff or other qualified professionals).

Please note that, while the CMS State Operations Manual Appendix PP requires NFs to use the State’s Level I screening process when an individual admitted under the Exempted Hospital Discharge (see FAQ “What is the Exempted Hospital Discharge”) stays beyond 30 days, all other Level I preadmission screens must be completed prior to admission to a Medicaid certified nursing facility.

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