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January 1, 2018

Is a Resident Review required when an individual is transferred from one facility to another?

"According to 42 CFR §483.106(b)(4) of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), when an individual is transferred from one nursing facility (NF) to another NF, with or without an intervening hospital stay, the individual is not considered a “new admission” and does not need preadmission screening. 42 CFR 483.106(b)(4)(ii) clarifies that the transferring NF must ensure that all copies of the resident’s PASRR paperwork (including any Level II information) must be transferred with the individual.

The likelihood of a Resident Review evaluation being requested will be based on what information the “receiving” NF receives from the “sending” NF, or what is observed once the individual resides in the receiving NF. Depending on the individual’s needs, he or she may require a Resident Review, particularly if the transfer is the result or cause of a significant change in physical or mental status."

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