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March 2, 2018

What are the key differences between PASRR and the Minimum Data Set (MDS)?

1. While MDS captures information about a person (medical, functional, cognitive, and social) at a moment in time, it does not evaluate individuals for the presence of disabilities defined for the purposes of PASRR.

2. The MDS does contain two items that ask specifically about PASRR: Item A1500 (“Does the person have a PASRR disability?”) and Item A1510 (A = “serious mental illness”; B = “intellectual disability,” and C = “related condition”).

3. Completing the MDS does not identify an individualized set of services for specific people.

4. MDS records significant changes in status, which can trigger a Level II Resident Review.

5. Both PASRR and MDS are federal requirements that apply to all residents in Medicaid-certified NFs, as specified in 42 CFR 483.122 (for PASRR) and 42 CFR 483.20 (for MDS).

6. Preadmission screening (Level I, and Level II if necessary) must be conducted prior to admission; the first MDS assessment occurs within 14 days after admission (42 CFR 483.20(2)(i)).

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