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November 13, 2012

Clinical and Policy Uses of Universal Assessment

The November PASRR webinar was held on Tuesday, November 13 at 1:00pm - 2:30PM Eastern (10AM Pacific) and featured Dr. Brant Fries and Mary Grant who described the design of interRAI's assessments as well as focus on a single application: identifying nursing home residents as targets for transition to the community. InterRAI is a 32-nation consortium of 65 researchers interested in assessment and cross-national comparisons.

*Neither the audio recording of presentation nor the PowerPoint slides will be posted here. The presenters have requested that you reach out to them directly for access to the PowerPoint slides. You can contact Dr. Brant Fries and Ms. Mary James at the contact information below who will be happy to share the slides with you directly.

Synopsis of the Topic

The concepts of a geriatric comprehensive assessment have been known for many years, but have had three major drawbacks:

1) a tenuous link between the assessment and clinical practice;
2) disconnects between assessments done for clinical and policy decision making; and
3) linkages between "silos" of health care. The interRAI assessment systems address these three gaps with a robust assessment that drives clinical practice, but also has proven applications to case mix payment, quality of care measurement, screening, and policymaking.

Acknowledgment of Commercial Support: There is no commercial support for this activity.


Foundations for a universal assessment system – interRAI (15 mins)
Applications of interRAI data (25 mins)
Case study: Prioritizing nursing facility transitions (20 mins)
Conclusions (1 min)
Q&A (30 mins)
Objectives - After attending this program, participants should be able to:

• Describe the criteria for a state-of-the-art universal assessment system.
• Identify five major applications of assessment data.
• Name the design of a screening/prioritization system to identify nursing home residents for discharge to the community.

Principal Faculty and Credentials

Brant E. Fries, PhD
Mary Lewis James, MA
Bibliographic Sources: Please see presentation slides

Copyright: All faculty in this activity have given their permission for publication. © 2012 Mission Analytics Group, LLC

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