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PTAC has:

  • Answered questions about the correct interpretation of the code of federal regulations (CFR);

  • Helped state staff train Level II evaluators;

  • Helped state staff develop proposals to finance Specialized Services through a State Plan amendment;

  • Provided feedback to states as they drafted RFPs to hire managed care organizations (MCOs) that would operate some or all of the state’s PASRR program.

​Technical Assistance by PTAC is free! Please complete the form and we will respond shortly. This form will submit your request directly to staff for review. Your contact information will be kept confidential and will only be used to respond to technical assistance requests. Required fields are marked with an *.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to answer questions about accessing state PASRR systems, filing Level I/Level II screens, or placing loved ones in care. If you have a question about accessing an electronic PASRR system or screen, contact your state PASRR representative here.

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