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May 1, 2019

Webinar Assistance and FAQs

I. Navigating WebEx
How do I register for a webinar?
The registration link for a webinar is included in each webinar description. The registration link for each webinar is also sent in an email announcement to our distribution list two weeks before the presentation.

How do I download Webex onto my computer?/Webex is not downloading on my computer.
When you open up Webex for the first time on any computer, it should download the Webex program onto your computer. If your computer has a strong firewall, or if you have settings against automatic downloads, it may prevent the program from downloading. Give your computer permission to download Webex. For further assistance with challenges in downloading the webinar program, contact your IT department about security permissions on your computer.

II. Participating in the Webinar
How do I listen to the webinar?
There are two ways to listen to the webinar:
1. Through your phone
Using the phone number and access code sent in your registration confirmation email, dial the phone number. Once you enter the phone number, put in the access code.
If you plan on speaking/contributing during the webinar, please enter in your Audio Pin as well (shown once you enter the webinar).
2. Through the speakers on your computer
Select "Microphone and Speakers" as your audio options, located on your GoToTraining panel. For more assistance on checking your microphone and speakers, see the Audio section of the Webex guide.

How can I ask a question/give a comment and participate in the conversation?
To ask a question or give a comment, click on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen. The chat panel will appear at the bottom right corner of the Webex.

III. On Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
How do I obtain continuing education units (CEUs)?
Information on how to obtain these CEUs will be emailed to audience members who are present for the entirety of the live webinar. It is essential you attend the entire webinar in order to receive CEUs.
CEUs typically offered include units for nurses, case managers, family therapists, and social workers. For more specifics on the CEUs offered, please see the "Continuing Education Language" section of each webinar.

I did not receive any information about CEUs for the webinar I attended.
If you attended the webinar in its entirety and you did not receive information about obtaining CEUs after the webinar, please contact Amy Lim (

I am having trouble with the CEU website/CEU certification through the website.
If you have trouble with the CEU website or the certification process, please contact Blia Xiong (

IV. Presentation Materials
Where can I find a copy of the presentation slides?
A PDF copy of the slides will be uploaded to the webinar page after the presentation. Access all webinars here.

Where can I find a recording of the webinar?
Unless the speaker has asked for a recording not to be distributed, a recording will be posted to the corresponding webinar on this website after the presentation.

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