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September 10, 2013

A Look at PASRR Related Appeals

The September PASRR webinar took place on Tuesday, September 10th, at 1 PM EST (10 AM PST).

You can download a PDF version of the presentation slides at the bottom of this webpage.

Synopsis of the Topic

Developed in response to recent state inquiries, the September 10th webinar, "A Look at PASRR Related Appeals," provided useful information for improving PASRR appeals. Speakers Dr. Janet Spinelli and Mr. Sam Fante outlined background components of appeal hearings and the necessary steps in the appeal process. The webinar also introduced important considerations during the hearings process, examples of successful appeal procedures and useful tips for a more effective agency testimony.


Janet Spinelli

Dr. Janet Spinell has extensive experience as a Rhode Island Public Health Nurse Consultant and has been a member ofthe Rhode Island Division of Behavioral Healthcare licensing monitoring team where she provides technical assistance and licensing monitoring for community mental health centers and substance abuse agencies. Ms. Spinelli also worked for Rhode island state government in a variety of positions related to administration of PASRR from 1993 to 2011.

Sam Fante

Mr. Sam Fante was field supervisor for pre-admission screening (PAS) and level of care (LOC) determination for five county areas in Florida. He attended and presented arguments for many Division of Administrative Hearings (DoAH) appeal hearings concerning LOC/PASRR denials for Medicaid eligibility, communicated with Division of Administrative Hearings Director on a regular basis concerning statewide LOC/PASRR related hearings and decisions, and provided training to LOC/PASSR supervisors on appeals processes.

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