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April 10, 2012

Mental Health and Aging

April 2012 PASRR Webinar

You can download a PDF version of the presentation slides at the bottom of this webpage.
Acknowledgement of Commercial Support: There is no commercial support for this activity.


Current issues and barriers (15 minutes)
Demographics (10 minutes)
Barriers (10 minutes)
Evidence based treatments and programs (30 minutes)
Practice Perspective: A Local Response (10 minute)
Policies and advocacy (15 minutes)

Objectives - After attending this program, participants should be able to:

• Explain the current deficits and barriers in the treatment of mental health in the older adult population.
• List evidence based treatments and programs that address the mental health concerns of older adults
• Describe policies and advocacy issues that surround mental health and aging.

Principal Faculty and Credentials

Melissa A. Frey, MA, LCSW
Robyn L. Golden, MSW
Bibliographic Sources: Please see presentation slides

Copyright: All faculty in this activity have given their permission for publication. © 2012 Mission Analytics Group, LLC

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