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January 24, 2024

PASRR 101 Recording

This webinar is intended for people who are just beginning a role covered by the Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) process. This could be a hospital social worker who is asked to screen people who are transferring to a nursing facility for the possibility of a PASRR condition, a mental health professional who is required to complete an evaluation of people suspected of having a PASRR condition, a nursing facility manager who must notify the state if there is a change in condition for a person who is covered by PASRR, a state employee responsible for the administration of the PASRR program, or others somehow involved in the PASRR process. This webinar will help participants:
• Understand the federal regulatory requirements of PASRR;
• Recognize the purpose and importance of PASRR; and
• Learn the major components of the PASRR process.

Closed captioning is available for this webinar. To turn on closed captioning, select the “CC/Subtitles” button in the toolbar at the bottom right of your screen. You may turn captions on and off throughout the training using this button.

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