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January 12, 2016

Why Is Grandma Screaming? Improving Quality of Life in Long Term Care

The January 2016 PASRR webinar "Why Is Grandma Screaming? Improving Quality of Life in Long Term Care" occurred on Tuesday, January 12th, at 1 PM EST (10 AM PST).

The webinar was presented by Barbara Speedling, Quality of Life Specialist and Quality Management Consultant.

A PDF copy of the slides is available at the bottom of this page.

Synopsis of the Topic:

This session opens a provocative conversation on the impact of the changing demographics in long term care on quality of life for those being served. The nursing home environment is fast becoming an uncomfortable mix of ages, circumstances, and medical and psychiatric needs. The development and implementation of practical, non-pharmacological interventions for addressing behavioral health issues is a focus of this conversation. This session offers practical guidance for effecting true culture change: not simply a project, but a positive and lasting change in the thinking and behavior of those who live and work in the environment.


Barbara Speedling

Barbara Speedling, Quality of Life Specialist, is a New York based quality management consultant who provides education and training to long-term care providers in the development of programs and services to meet a broad range of behavioral health needs. In 2014 she authored, “Why is Grandma Screaming?” a guide to improving quality of life for people with dementia, mental illness and complex psychosocial needs. Barbara earned her BS in Health Care Administration at Empire State College, SUNY.

Acknowledgment of Commercial Support

There was no commercial support received for this CME activity.

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